We are not a religion. Nor will we try to convert, persuade, or condemn you in any way.  We are a Come as you are, No Judgement Zone… We are here to facilitate Radical, Effective, Life changing Healing techniques that have been gathered from around the world. These techniques are not Offensive nor in Conflict to any Personal Religious or Spiritual Practices.

Here; we encourage and celebrate the freedom to be yourself.

This particular event is for Women Only. No younger than 18. 

This Event is being held at a private location near San Diego, CA. 1 block from the Beach.

Details will be sent out upon Registration. Photos are of the house are the exact place the event is being held.

Airport Code: SAN | San Diego International Airport  > 30 mins from Event Location

Airport Code: LAX | Los Angeles International Airport > 1 hours 40 mins from Event Location

A Great Site for local train tickets:

Cheap site for Flights:

Due to the nature of sharing personal stories, private and often sensitive information. All attendees and teachers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a promise to protect one another and provide a safe place for healing.

We know social media, constant sharing and connection to the outside world is quite addicting and entertaining. And this event will be one you’d be excited to share. But unfortunately Video and photography will NOT be allowed during our Workshops.

All phones will have to be put away for several reasons.. 

1.) You’re here to focus on healing… It’s much harder to be truly present in a moment, while also trying to capture it. (But don’t worry we’ve got you covered.)

2.) So that others are not Distracted. 

3.) For privacy and safety of other guests.

*During Free time however you can snap away and share as you’d like.

*The only Workshop Photography and Videography allowed will be Contracted & Protected through RSE – a private photo gallery will be available for all attendees via link after the event.

• We believe in Conscious Connective Sleeping Arrangements. This is an Ancient Sacred method of collective Healing. It’s quite simple, peaceful and beautiful. 

How it works:  Everyone sleeps together in the same room on a Brand New Double Cushioned Sleeping Bag (that we will provide for you)  instead of separate rooms. It makes for Radical Connective & Collective Healing Opportunity that heals in places that are otherwise unreachable.

• There is also 5 bathrooms available at our Sacred Healing House.

• There will also be loads of blankets and pillows will be available.

*Additional Options

       * You are welcome to bring your own personal sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, & blow up mattresses (twin size only) 

• We will have Twin size blow up mattresses available upon request at the event.  (*Please note:  You will personally have to blow up and take down daily.)

• There are Private rooms also available with a bed for an additional fee. But are on a first come, first serve basis.


  • All White Outfit
  • Bathing suit, wraps and etc.
  • Work out clothes (moveable stretchy clothing, yoga etc.)
  • Athletic shoes 
  • Sandals
  • Chill, Relaxing, comfortable clothing that makes you feel amazing.
  • Bring a Sweater or light jacket if you get cold easily. 
  • Your Favorite light blanket or pillow. 

All your necessities. 

But don’t over pack (It’s only 3 days) Keep your energy and weight light.

All Food & Drinks are included. And will be made by our amazing in house Chef. Our refrigerators and cabinets will also be stocked with alkaline water, tonic juices, fruit, vegetables, food, snacks, and other things we know you’ll love.

Catered Food will be high vibrational healing foods but also super yummy. There will be no meat other than fish. As meat tends to weigh the body, mind, and spirit down. Slowing the healing process. 

Your travel to and from RSE as well as the airport is NOT included.

Address to the Private Healing House Location will be sent to you via email confirmation. 

After you check in with us,  we will be providing all additional transportation to our sacred event sites during the experience. 

It’s Cali baby! (No but seriously, we will keep you posted by email a week before the event) 

Moderate: We wont be putting you on a treadmill or anything. But come prepared to Move. This is NOT a sit down conference. This is a hands on interactive healing experience.

There are No Refunds. However, if an emergency occurs you will be provided a credit to apply to future RSE events.

Our Events follow safety protocols, but just in case we are 100% insured.

Were a no judgement zone. But illegal Recreational drugs are not allowed at our Sacred healing house. 

  • No Smoking or Vaping whatsoever is allowed INSIDE the House.