Hi Loves,

I wanted to take a moment to connect with you and honestly be straight up about what the ‘Radical Shift Experience’ is about. This has been on my heart for years and I’m really serious and excited about it. 

But let me be clear, this is NO JOKE. It’s going to push you to dig deeper than you ever have in order to Shift you into the place you’ve been longing for.

We often hear teachers say “you gotta do the work” but I’ve found that most people have no idea what that means. This experience will SHOW YOU… I wanted to provide a space that women from all over could come together and learn Hands on , HOW to do the inner soul work! We will be focusing on healing  from childhood and adulthood traumas and pain.

So if you’re tired of the Bullshit and truly ready to releases and connect with some amazing cool ass Goddesses this is for you.

This experience will be filled with lots of love, guidance and support. But we’re also going to be tough, raw and honest. The goal is to not comfort our triggers but to identify, acknowledge and uproot them. We are here to be catalysts for change. 

Here’s a little more about myself and why I created this event. For the longest time; I suffered from an enormous amount of trauma, ptsd, and plenty of dysfunctional bullshit. It wreaked havoc on my life for a countless number of years. In some areas I found myself extremely successful. But in others I was stuck in a constant battle of trying to figure out why certain things, no matter what I did, how good, nice or loving of a person I was, or how hard I tried to forsee and curb it, this dysfunctional shit just kept recycling and popping up in my experiences. I was constantly left spiritually cut, bruised and often times emotionally bankrupt.

What I didn’t know then, that I know now is that  my INNER CHILD was still vibrating the frequencies of certain traumas I had sustained as a young girl that I never addressed or healed fully. So as an adult, these traumas repeated and evolved into a cycle of abuse, uncontrollable anxiety, high levels of stress, emotional instability, depression, outbursts, lack of self worth, feeling numb and suicidal, constant heartache and unconscious ptsd.

What I also didn’t realize was that these unreleased traumas were manifesting physically in the form of sicknesses. From multiple brain surgeries, migraines, hair loss, heart problems, shortness of breath, ovarian issues, infected lymph nodes in my armpits breast and the list goes on. 

So I decided while healing myself physically, that I also had to heal the core root of my traumas and confront my triggers in order to eliminate them from recycling.

The ‘Radical Shift Experience’ is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. I have studied and traveled around the world in search of peace, purpose, healing and a deeper connection with myself and God. From the highest mountain temples in India, to studying with spiritual development groups in Atlanta. I have bathed in the Sacred cleansing fountains of Indonesia, to counseling and prayer with my Pastor Friends in Lake Elsinore,  I have sat over tea with my kick ass spiritual coach in San Diego while she burned my painful memories in a kettle. I have given offerings to the Oceans of Florida, and even drank from the from the Nile River in Egypt. I have done work.

I want to share the sacred knowledge and the crazy, wild, hands-on, deep, inner and outer work that I did in order to release myself from being held hostage to my pain, so that you too can remove the roadblocks and truly LIVE the life you deserve.

The best part, is that I’m also bringing you the amazing tribe of powerful women in my life that helped me to do it. All in one place at the same time….

What took me years to learn, you will experience in 3 days. It is no joke.

Here you will, scream, purge, smash, cry, ignite things on fire, release, pray, meditate, write, forgive, align, and HEAL… No one will leave the same way they came.

Welcome to the “Radical Shift Experience”


The Countdown is on