Kevonne Spaulding

SpecialitySpiritual Healer

As a natural born healer I have learned that I am a multi-intuitive psychic medium. 

I’m Clairvoyant (see), Clairsentient (feel), and Clairaudient (hear), which means I receive messages from the spiritual world through sight, feeling, and hearing. With light and love I work with The Great Creator, My Divine Guidance, the Angelic Realm, & Ascended Masters to assist people on their personal journeys while promoting personal and spiritual growth. The discovery and realization of my spiritual gifts manifested in 2008.  I began to practice and hone my spiritual gifts, with eagerness to grow and develop to be a powerful healer. As of now, I’m a Multi-intuitive, Healer, Teacher, Psychic, Medium.  

I have had the opportunity to deliver messages from loved ones who have transitioned to the other side.  Through intuitive energy healing, I have witnessed miraculous healing facilitated through my hands.  I have also been able to bless, provide guidance, and speak into many lives that have sought my assistance.

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